Senior Silver Envelopes 
 This year once again, the PTO is sponsoring a “Senior Silver Envelope" which is an opportunity for family and friends to write celebratory letters to a graduate. The letters/cards should be mailed to Northview HS and will be kept confidential until they are given to the student after graduation practice. A sample letter from a parent requesting letters from friends and family is attached below. Instructions for Senior Silver Letters: 
 Send only cards or letters, 8.5”x11” or smaller. 
NO PACKAGES, only FLAT envelopes 
 Do not send anything of value (no cash, checks, gift cards) 
 Address all envelopes with the student’s full name and mark SENIOR SILVER LETTERS on the envelope
 Letters should be received at the school no later than May 1, 2020. You will be asked to pick up any items which do not fit the above criteria. The PTO is in charge of sorting the letters and getting them into the graduation packets. For questions regarding this program, please contact the program chair, Marjie Shindler at marjieshindler@gmail.com. Mail letters to Northview at the following address:
 Northview High School PTO 
10625 Parsons Road
Johns Creek, GA 30097


Sample letter:
Dear Friends and Family,
We are writing to let you know that ___________________ will be graduating from Northview High School in May.  As someone who has been dear to his/her heart over the years, we would like to ask you for a favor.  The school will be giving the graduates an envelope filled with notes and well wishes from the important people in their lives.  This is where you come in!
This is not a gift giving occasion (No money or gifts, please!), just a simple note or card that they will cherish always.  If you choose to participate, please mail you card or letter to:
Student’s Full Name (ex. John R. Smith)
Northview High School PTO Senior silver Envelopes
10625 Parsons Road
Johns Creek, GA 30097
Please follow the guidelines below:
  *Send only cards or letter 8.5” x 11” or smaller.  Do not send packages
  *Keep letters and cards flat
  *Do not send anything of value (cash, checks, gift cards, etc.)
The deadline for receiving the cards and letters is Friday, May 1, 2020.  Thank you for your help.  We know __________will be glad to read your words of wisdom as he/she transitions from high school to this new chapter in their lives!
Mr. and Mrs. Smith


                                       Graduation Yard Signs


Senior Class of 2020 Graduation Yard sign fundraiser has now begun.  Yard signs are $25 and must be purchased  online in the PTO store. To guarantee a yard sign, they must be purchased before April 8, 2020.  .  Delivery of yard signs will begin the week the students return to school or possibly sooner to be announced.  To purchase signs go to here





Unfortunately, because of the ongoing health crisis, the Six Flags trip has been canceled. We are working to refund all money at this time. For questions, please contact Tracy Hoffman at tracyfliph@aol.com

Six Flags Grad Night Celebration Canceled